Our preschool community puts on several special events during the year, events that create amazing memories with magical settings that are not found typically in preschools. These events bring together families, including siblings and grandparents to celebrate the preschool experience.


Throughout the years Cowfolk Day has evolved from coinciding with the start of the annual Rowell Ranch Rodeo, to being the first family preschool gathering at the beginning of the school year. The entire preschool community meets at East Avenue Park in Hayward dressed in our cowboy best. This event is now held as the first potluck and whole-school playdate of the school year, allowing parents to get to know one another and for the kids to get out and play.


The first special event hosted at the school is the Annual Halloween Party. Parents build an unhaunted maze out of black tarps. The school is fully decorated with spider webs and pumpkins while children participate in different Halloween-themed tactile games and science exploration activities. Costumes are worn by both the children and the parents. The entire school is transformed into a spooktacular place making this event fun and memorable for all.


In years past, CVPNS has participated in the Castro Valley Light Parade. However, since its brief hiatus during COVID, our school community has decided to no longer build a float for the parade but instead to build community while watching the parade together. Come early with your folding chairs, some food or treats to share, and spend an evening enjoying the holiday spirit!


In May we hold the Annual Carnival at the school, transforming our facility into a carnival of fun, with cotton candy and popcorn-making machines, clowns making twisty balloon animals, a huge big top, and children’s artwork on display. This event, previously known as Circus, has evolved in recent years. Though we love the traditions and rich history that this school holds, we also recognize the need to change with the times and make new memories with our families.


Our preschool family nights have included science-themed events, family sing-alongs, and story time.